dirty janes

Our Values

We are Kind. 
Kindness underpins everything we do at Dirty Janes. From how we speak to how we solve problems, we do so with warm, openheartedness. We pride ourselves on being welcoming, inclusive and approachable. We are firmly against all forms of discrimination and harassment. We provide a warm and unambiguous welcome to all. 

We aim to be Remarkable.
To be unique and inspire wonder. Every visit to Dirty Janes should be something people want to share with their favourite people. We aim to surprise and delight everyone who visits or works with us. 

Endeavour to be the Best. 
The best in vintage. The best customer service. The best place to work and visit.Dirty Janes is a community of devoted enthusiasts. Our combined wealth of experience, knowledge and passion drives us to improve. We want to be known as the best vintage emporium in Australia. 

Resourceful. We value innovative thinking and creative approaches that make a difference. Our environmental impact is a central consideration. 'Reuse and repurpose' is our mantra and is reflected in our projects and the day-to-day running of Dirty Janes. 

Collaborative. Teamwork makes the dream work. Cooperation is the glue that binds our community. When assisting customers, stallholders, and our crewmates, we work collaboratively. We achieve magical results by uniting the many different skills, interests and personalities at Dirty Janes while working together towards our goals.